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Disassembling & Reassembling the JB1

Close Up Table Top Alternative View
Using the Numbers for Settings #5-#35

Couple Tips to Keep in Mind:

  • Grinder MUST be disassembled to wash unit with water AND water cannot come in contact with bearings.

  • The walnut knob does snap on and off. If for some reason it pops off, just snap it back on.

  • The grinder adjustment nut has markings "1" to "12", but these are just place markers for you and not what you use to adjust the coffee grinder.

  • To adjust the coffee grinder turn the nut at the bottom of the grinder clockwise until it stops. This is what is called "zero." Back off the nut by five "clicks" and this is the smallest position (#5) the grinder can be used in. The (#5) position is great for very fine espresso.

  • Backing the adjustment knob off counter clockwise will result in the disassembling of the unit at around 45-50 "clicks"

  • Only Disassemble over a table top of counter where small parts cannot become lost in your drain or other areas. 

  • The usable range of your grinder is between #5 clicks and 35# clicks. Settings can vary by personal taste, equipment, and coffee beans. As a general rule to start however:

    • #5-9 espresso​

    • #10-12 Drip Brew (with paper filter)

    • #13-19 Pour over with reusable steel filter

    • #20-30 French Press

    • #30-35 Cold Brew

  • Do not tap or strike unit or grounds chamber on any surface to knock contents out. This will damage the finish over time and can also damage what you are hitting. ​​

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